Busy weeks at the gallery

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Busy weeks at the gallery. At Pigment we are always moving.

After the fairs at Chicago and Strasbourg, that you can see in the Pigment World Wide section, the last week has been crazy

We started the week with the opening of Pescando Sueños. A really moving collaboration with the artist Angela Cunill, the Pequeño Deseo foundation, and the Fàsia school, Nice Things and Ostelea and many others. 

At the same time a really exciting new project started. With the Velodrom Studio, David and Javi and the artworks of Edgar Plans. Velodrom is an innovative project in which they pretend to offer an unique space for the cyclist in Barcelona.

It is based in offering to the cyclist community a refuge were this sport is lived with passion, excitement and professionalism. With Edgar Plans’s works we want to desubicate the art from it’s natural space reaching this way a new public that is not used to the art gallerys.

And last but not least, we assist to the opening of our artist Lidia Masllorens in the Wolfsen Gallery in Aalborg. It was a totally succesfull event, they treated us as part of their family and we hope this is going to be a long and productive relationship.