• LA Art Show
    11 – 15 january 2017 in Los Angeles Convention Center South Hall

    The LA Art Show is the most important visual arts event in the region, offering collectors, gallery owners and the general public the chance to view, exhibit and purchase art from around the world.

    Artists: Guerrero Medina, Julio Vaquero, Lidia Masllorens, Marcelo Fuentes, Alejandro Quincoces

    Art on Paper NY
    2 – 5 march 2017 at Pier 36 New York City

    Art on Paper is a modern and contemporary art on paper fair. The focus of Art on Paper is based in significant projects involving multiple techniques in the art on paper and it is becoming one of the most significant art destinies in the City of New York. To see more information click here !

    Artists: Jordi Alcaraz, Hugo Alonso, Marcelo Fuentes, Regina Giménez, Lance Letscher, Miguel Macaya, Lidia Masllorens, Edgar Plans, Agustí Puig, Julio Vaquero

  • Wopart Lugano
    14 – 17 September 2017 in Lugano (Switzerland)

    Art fair in which a selection of 43 international galleries present specific works on paper from all the periods of the art history. To see further information click  here !

    Artists: Jordi Alcaraz, Lídia Masllorens, Marcelo Fuentes, Agustí Puig, Miguel Macaya, Hugo Alonso, Julio Vaquero, Edgard Plans, Claudia Valsells, Manolo Ballesteros

    SOFA Chicago
    2 – 5 November 2017 in Chicago (USA)

    The Sculpture Objects and Functional Art and Design Fair (SOFA) in Chicago is the most important art fair focused in art and tridimensional design. Since 1994 what makes the difference at SOFA is it’s focus on tridimensional works of art that cross paths between art, decorative art and design. Last year 80 international galleries and more than 35.000 visitors attended to SOFA. To see further information click here!

    Artists: Jordi Alcaraz, Dominica Sanchez, Bruno Ollé, Lidia Masllorens, Edgar Plans.

    ST_Art 2017
    17 – 20 November 2017 in Strasbourg (France)

    ST-ART is an exclusive event reserved to the principal modern and contemporary international art galleries. The aim of ST_ART is to promote modern and contemporary art and the sellings of contemporary art. To see further information click  here!

    Artists: Lidia Masllorens, Ramon Enrich, Anke Blaue, Lita Cabellut, David Morago, Miguel Macaya, Claudia Valsells, Manu VB Tintoré, Edgar Plans, Isamat.

  • Art Montpellier
    7 – 10 December 2017 in Montpellier (Francia)

    A fair created to feed the curiosity of the new art lovers and also expert vistors. To discover art to new buyers and collectors. A great selection of international, national and regional galleries that work with all diferent techniques: drawings, screenprints, paintings, photography, video, sculpture…

    Artists: Lidia Masllorens, Miguel Macaya, Edgar Plans, Adalina Coromines, Veronique Villaret.

    CONTEXT Art Miami
    2 – 10 December 2017 in Miami (USA)

    Art Miami has been for the last ten years one of the most important art fairs in the world. The high level of the fair is because the participation of a selection of the best international art galleries in the world, with the most relevant art works from the XX and XXI century. With an average of 75.000 visitors per year, with a public made of collectors, art assessors, art restorers and museus. To see further information click here!

    Artists: Jordi Alcaraz, Dominica Sanchez, Bruno Ollé, Lidia Masllorens, Edgar Plans, Miguel Macaya, Manolo Ballesteros, Ivan Franco.

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