Adalina Coromines
Barcelona, 1963

Co-founder in 1989 of Joan Lao studio in Barcelona, that works with arquitechture, interiorism, industrial design and brand creation. Her works have been published in renowned national and international media.

As a self-taught, she starts painting with watercolors but, inspired by nature, changes her technique to different kinds of soil and natural pigments because of their high expressivity. The work on the light, the soil, the water, the texture and the natural pigments is all around her artwork. It is a very intuitive work where a dialog with the elements takes place, rejecting what’s expected to pen new plastic ways.

In her work we can notice geometric and organic shapes.

Initially her work was small-sized, between painting and sculpture, always on a wooden board. In her new atelier, located in the middle of the nature, she is able to work in bigger-sized works. The wooden boards are placed laying on metallic tables, in where she puts the soil and scratches it. With knifes, trowels, dispenser or tools created by herself, that’s why the results of her work are unexpected.

She uses non pure colours that reminds her of the erosion that the time makes on the elements.

Comitted to the environment, the pigments, soil and paintings used are ecologic and they have any kind of contaminant. There’s a big efford to run away from the traditional techniques and to find new plastic ways.

She uses low cravings that allows to create light and shadow games and at the same time the oportunitty of expressing the search of an analienable depht in her work.

Adalina has gone through a long path looking for the essence, whose findings are reflected in her work with the intention of making the observer part of a mystic experience.

  • World Paper Gallery Barcelona, (Spain). May 2019
  • “La màgia de la imperfecció” Pigment Gallery, Barcelona (Spain). May 2019.
  • “Gran teatre del Liceo” Barcelona (Spain) November 2018.
  • Private collection of the Vilacasas Foundation by the Can Framis Museum.
  • Solo exhibition. Joan Lao Design Studio, Barcelona (Spain) 2018
  • Solo exhibition. Pigment Gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2018