Anke Blaue
Schleswig, Germany, 1967.

The works of Anke Blaue arise from the material and it is that material that must tell us what we are looking for, proposing a way of our coming closer in a direct relationship, without hindrance, without even the light insinuation of her signature. She offers a special journey on old linen, in a series of pieces in assorted formats that almost always tend to be rectangular, often limited by minor linear intersections provoked by the texture of the medium or by the colour gradations. A work of great technical delicacy, where the minimal expression of just one colour and its slight nuances of light result in the ideal of abstract as a universal expression of everything, a pure revelation of art.

She lived and worked in Barcelona and New York from 1995 to 2006. She moved to Germany in 2006.

  • ‘Collage’, Galería Anna Ricart, Barcelona (Spain) 1996
  • ‘Vía Heráclea’, Galería Anna Ricart, Barcelona (Spain) 2000
  • ‘Tela sobre tela’, Artur Ramon Art, Barcelona (Spain) 2001
  • ‘Papel s. papel’, Esther Montoriol, Barcelona (Spain) 2002
  • ‘Anke Blaue’, Artur Ramon Art, Barcelona (Spain) 2005
  • ‘Anke Blaue’, Marita Segovia, Madrid (Spain) 2005
  • ‘Papeles’, Marita Segovia, Madrid (Spain) 2006
  • ‘Seinsflächen’, Spazio Thetis, Venecia (Italy) 2006
  • ‘A. B. Collage 1992-2007’,Artur Ramon Art Barcelona (Spain) 2007
  • ‘Tela sobre tela’, Marita Segovia 2007, Madrid (Spain) 2007
  • ‘Variacions sonores’, Fidel Balaguer, Barcelona (Spain) 2010
  • ‘Diálogos’ , Marita Segovia, Madrid (Spain) 2010
  • ‘Anke Blaue’, Pep Not Galeria, Mallorca (Spain) 2010
  • ‘Seinsflächen , HAW Galerie, Aventoft (Germany) 2012
  • ‘Superficies’, ABAart Galería, Ibiza (Spain) 2012
  • ‘Espacios’, Artur Ramon Art, Barcelona (Spain) 2012
  • Salon Lea Wyss, Kiel, (Germany) 2013
  • ‘Anke Blaue’, Marita Segovia, Madrid (Spain) 2013
  • ‘Anke Blaue’, ABAart Galeria, Mallorca (Spain) 2014
  • ‘El silencio del color’, Marita Segovia, Madrid (Spain) 2016
  • “Elipsis”, Pigment Gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2017
  • ‘Exegesis’ ABA ART LAB. Palma, Mallorca (Spain) 2018
  • ‘Abstracciones’ Pigment Gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2018
  • ‘El silencio de la luz’, Marita Segovia, Madrid (Spain) 2019