Anne Kuhn
París, 1963

Self-taught, Anne Kuhn photographs women as an aesthetic discourse about the rebellion and the conquest of all emancipation.

Through heroines in the history of literature, his memories or simple portraits, he stays in what she aspires and tends to be an introspective mirror for the viewer.

After having worked with Mercè Cunningham and with a career as a professional dancer, photography became a necessity to her at the beginning of 2000. First, as a portrait photographer in contract with Gamma. She also worked as a studio photographer where his universe took shape and was inspired by the baroque construction and contrasting illumination of the 17th century.

One discovery was crucial in helping her finding her form of expression: “Prenez soin de vous” by Sophie Calle, which reveals the possibility of explaining a personal story to an anonymous public. From then on, the subjects appear clearly inspired by what she lives or experiences, driven by a constant search for precision and balance.

His first exhibitions begin in 2011.

“Cada imagen está acompañada por una historia. Por lo tanto, entre los recuerdos y la ficción, el espectador puede tener una doble lectura y, por qué no, encontrar una parte de sí mismo”