Dominica Sánchez
Barcelona, 1945

The drawings, usually on large format paper sometimes stained with pigments, are personal observations of the natural world, marked by a dialogue between the fragile and ephemeral and the muscle of volume. The game between light curves, drawn in pencil, and the dense and opaque geometries that make their drawings creates a balanced space that Mrs. Lluïsa Maria Borras described as “an inner landscape, the only genre that has contributed to painting in the last century: A painting describing emotions, feelings, the mood of the painter without resorting to reality and, by moving away from playing with what the eyes see, she is based solely on actual pictorial elements, form and line, structure and color “.

  • Espacio de Cultura “La Caixa”, Calella. (Spain) 1981
  • Galeria Cap i Cua , Canet de Mar. (Spain) 1983
  • Galeria Tertre, Mataró. (Spain) 1985
  • Galeria Tom Maddock , Barcelona. (Spain) 1989
  • Norai Gallery, Pollença. (Spain) 1989
  • Denise Levy Gallery, Espace Fürstenberg, Paris. (France) 1991
  • Adriana Schmidt Gallery, Cologne. (Germany) 1991
  • Adriana Schmidt Gallery, Stuttgart. (Germany) 1992
  • Scott Alan Gallery, New York. (US) 1993
  • Jacques Ghul Gallery, Montreux. (Switzerland) 1994
  • Galeria Maeght, Barcelona. (Spain) 1996
  • Galeria Astarté , Madrid. (Spain) 1999
  • Arte Cité-Caroline Dimnik, Paris. (France) 2005
  • Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona. (Spain) 2007
  • Dibujos y esculturas. Inauguración Museo M.A.C. Cerdanyola, Barcelona
    Cartel “XXII Cerdanyola Blues” y 30 monotipos editados por el Museu d´Art de Cerdanyola en motivo del XXII Festival Internacional de Blues de Cerdanyola.
    Estampas realizadas al taller Tinta Invisible. Barcelona, Taller Tinta Invisible, Monotipos (Spain) 2009
  • Michael Dunev Art Projects, Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, dibujos y escultura (Spain) 2010
  • Galeria Balaguer, Barcelona (Spain) 2013
  • Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona. (Spain) 2014
  • Galería Marita Segovia, Madrid. (Spain) 2015
  • Exposición dibujos Galeria Dieu moviment creatiu, Cadaques. (Spain) 2016
  • Dominica Sánchez. Perfils d’ombra, dibuixos i escultures. Comisario: Josep Casamartina i Parassols. Ajuntament de Calella. (Spain) 2017