Hugo Alonso
Soria, 1981.

Hugo Alonso’s works border the appropriate, the manipulated and the semantically transformed to present his uniquely plausible and similar world of reality, highlighting aspects of the real world that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Alonso offers a tremendously personal version of pictures, highlighting dark area of daily life, the sinister side to what is normal that films often seek to underline. On producing works with a colour range that is reduced to a minimum, using blurred shapes and reorganised scenes, the artist proposes an insight into a complex, fascinating game between reality and performance, the simulation.

Although they might initially seem aseptic or neutral, there is nothing in Hugo Alonso’s works that is not intentional.

  • Pause, Galería Adora Calvo Madrid (Spain) 2006
  • PAINTINGDROME, DA2 (Domus Artium 2002), Salamanca (Spain) 2007
  • Mac U, Galería Adora Calvo Salamanca (Spain) 2007
  • Frederick Treves y la Cámara de cirujanos, Galería Salvador Díaz, Madrid (Spain) 2010
  • Drop, Videoinstalación. Festival Faquir. DA2 (Domus Artium 2002) 2010.