Juan Escudero
Bilbao, 1966.

My work revolves around time and tries to “be present” drawing an accumulation of precise traits that need attention and concentration. It is a way of being with nature, not representing it or describing it.

I make a kind of procedural drawing, I leave all the visible marks, I do not make corrections. The birth of an ecological optic, working in the drawing with processes related to the organization of living systems, fractal growth, self-organization, inertia.
The ecological vision implies that the sustainable, horizontal and feminine replaces the mechanistic, vertical and patriarchal.

In my beginnings I saw art as a tool of knowledge through creativity. Now I try to develop creativity for the knowledge of art itself.

I believe that art could be the opportunity to express the event that led to the appearance of consciousness for biology.

Consciousness, like time and space, is created new, widens and extends timidly from the limits imposed by our biology that conditions the perception of the world from the past.

Now  is a creation, his intensity depends on the inertia that will draw the future.

  • “Surfeando el tiempo” Fundación CIEC. Betanzos, A Coruña (Spain) 2019
  • Banc de Temps, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona (Spain) 2018
  • Línea de Tiempo, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona (Spain) 2017
  • Drawing Applications, SWAB Barcelona, solo project con Galería Alegría, Barcelona (Spain) 2015
  • Desorden, Galería Alegría, Madrid (Spain) 2014
  • Unknown pleasures, TokyoStory, Bilbao (Spain) 2014
  • Final Feliz, EATMEAT raw gallery, Barcelona (Spain) 2013
  • Local Climatizado, Galería Alegría, Barcelona (Spain) 2011
  • Árbol celoso de su sombra, Sala del Ayuntamiento Vell de Formentera (Spain) 2008
  • Motivos florales, NIU espai artistic, Barcelona (Spain) 2007
  • Cornucopias, Laboratori Creatiu i Bar naná, El Raval, Barcelona (Spain) 2007