Manu VB Tintoré
Brussels 1964

Born in 1964 in Brussels, Belgium .
Postgraduate in 2000 by the Escola d’Art d’Olot, he started his artistic career as a sculptor and painter. All his work is tied to the idea of the human being, its future and relation with the environment that surrounds it. Ten years of work as an international agriculture engineer for ONU in diverse developing countries of Africa and America impregnate his artwork with both an overwhelming globality and existentialism.
He describe his work as a meditation on the contemporary man and his limits but also about the power that he is able to exert on space and nature, approaching an increasingly fragile balance. The focus is on rediscovering the imprint of man, his capacity to dialogue with nature, to participate in an increasingly needed thinking on the relationship between man and nature.

Nowadays, he lives in Catalonia near Barcelona.


“Petite nature, una aproximació al detallisme de Joaquim Vayreda”. solo exhibition at Valvi Fondation. Girona
“les poches pleines de terre, le ciel dans le regard” Joan Miró and Manu vb Tintoré exhibition and catalogue. L’ARC scéne nationale Le Creusot, France.
“Petite Nature – Recents works” – at Belgian Gallery and Citadelle de Namur, Belgium
“champs ouverts” and “Atmospheric land” at Tourinnes la Grosse, 53è Fêtes de la St Martin. Belgium.
“Petite Nature” solo exhibition at N2 Gallery – Barcelona
“忘却の領土 – selection of paintures” – Art Pro GALA Gallery, Fukuoka – JAPAN
2017 “selection of paintures”. Can Ginebreda. Porqueres.
2016 “Territories of oblivion” at Caixa Terrassa Fondation. Terrassa
2016 “Frotis” at Michael dunev Art Projects. Torroella de Montgrí
2015 “Territories of oblivion”, painting and sculpture, Brussels, Belgium.
“Anchors to the earth” – Leticia, Colombia.
2013 “Anchors to the earth” – Museum of La Garrotxa, Olot, Spain.
2012 “Anchors to the earth”- Fundació Atrium Artis, Salt, Girona, Spain.
Selection of artworks 2002-2012 Capella Santa Anna, Argelaguer, Spain.
2008-09 “Pneuma” Fundació Vila Casas, Palau Solterrra, Torroella de Montgrí, Spain.
2006 “Habemus pupa”. Fundació Caixa Terrassa, Terrassa, Spain.
2005 Exhibition of sculptures and fotos, Belgium.
2004 “Selection of artworks”, Centre Diagonal Mar, Barcelona, Spain.
“A-tura-T”, Institut de cultura, Olot, Spain.
“Structure nº4, For peace, not for war”, Principal Theatre of Olot, Spain.
2003 “Estrctures” – Art Museum of Girona. Catalonia
“Puntos suspensivos”, Catalan Studies Center (Sorbonne), Paris, France.
2001 ” in-monde”, Castagnary Gallery, Paris, France.
” in-monde”, S. Dierckx Architecture’s Bureau, Belgium.