Rosanna Casano
Marsala (Italy), 1968

Rosanna Casano was born in Marsala (Italy) in 1968 and moved to Barcelona when she was 21 years old. Self-taught, she soon entered the artistic circles of the city.

The artist proposes abstract works where geometrical forms and patterns predominate; remembering, on several occasions, architectural figures.

In 1997 she made her first monograph in Barcelona in the Columna gallery with a selection of fabrics, works on paper and wood and iron constructions.

  • 2017. Rosanna Casano, Fabrice Galvani Gallery, Toulouse.
  • 2017. Exercicis d’estil, Esther Montoriol Gallery
  • 2016. Abstracciones para una isla, Marta Torres Galley, Ibiza
  • 2015. Di forme e di spazi, Fabrice Galvani Gallery, Toulouse, Francia.
  • 2012. Dibujos – oil on paper, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2010. Itinerarios, Fabrice Galvani Gallery, Toulosse
  • 2009. De urbe, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona.
  • 2008. Apuntes de crónica – draws, Antonio de Barnola Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2004. Instancias, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, Ginebra
  • 2004. Territorios, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona.
  • 2003. Rosanna Casano, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, Ginebra
  • 2002. Vistas sumarias, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2001. Safia Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2000. Sitios, Artur Ramon Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2000. Bodegones, MarcArt Gallery, Girona.