Rubén Martín de Lucas
Madrid, 1977

Graduate as Civil Engineer for the Superior School of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2002.

After finishing his degree and returning from a four-month trip to India, he decides to devote himself completely to art without ever undertaking engineering.

In 2001 he became one of the five founders of Boa Mistura, a multidisciplinary artistic group with roots in urban art with whom Rubén worked from 2001 to 2015, carrying out projects in South Africa, Spain, Norway, Germany, Algeria, Mexico and Brazil.

In January 2015, he began his solo career developing a body of work where the focus is human relations with nature and territory.

  • 2018. Iceberg Nations. AP Gallery. Segovia, Spain.
  • 2018. El Jardín de Fukuoka. Moret Art. A Coruña, España y Galeria BAT Alberto Cornejo. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2017. Geometrías de una presencia efímera. CAB, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo. Caja de Burgos, Spain.
  • 2016. Stupid Borders. Palacio de Quintanar. Segovia, Spain.
  • 2016. El Jardín de Fukuoka. Galería Bea Vilamarín. Guijón, Spain.
  • 2016. Perteneciendo a la Tierra. Ibiza Lab. AP Gallery. Ibiza, Spain.
  • 2016. Vacaciones en el mar. Galería Kafell. Zaragoza, Spain.
  • 2016. Stupid Borders. CEART. Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente. Fuenlabrada, Spain.
  • 2015. Vacaciones en el Mar. Galería BAT Alberto Cornejo.
  • 2015. Stupid Borders. APO Gallery. Martín Muñoz de Ayllón. Segovia, Spain.
  • 2015. The Floating Village. Galería Bea Villamarín. Gijón, Spain.
  • 2014. A House on the Water. Galería Espacio Nolde. Navacerrada. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2013. La Aldea Flotante. Lugadero. Sevilla, Spain.