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At Pigment we want to create this blog with the intention to publish some information about the fairs and shows we have been doing recently. We want also to start a conversation about some relevant news in the nowadays art world. But the truth is our schedule lately has been crazy and it had made impossible to start this page. 

Now we are ready to start it and we want to do it with a recomendation of an exposition of one of the artists we calloborate with: Lita Cabellut.

The show that the artist have in Espai Volart of the Vila Casas foundation can not be missed. The great selection of works and the new space, extendend by the foundation this year, makes an ennobled result. The works will be shown until May the 25th. 

If someone still wants to see more of Lita’s world, you may assist to her other current exhibition, in te contemporary art museum of La Coruña. You’ll get goose bumps. The result the artist has achieved with her team’s help and the curator Antón Castro is just stunning. It’s worthy to take a flight on the early morning to Coruña and visit the museum. Then go to get a increadible meal and go back home. The truth is that the day of the opening I had the privilege of, some minutes before the opening to the public, seeing by myself the exhibition. At the end of the opening Lita asked me to tell her my opinion. My answer was clearly one of the things she has been explaining lately in some of her television appearances, her love at first sight in her visit to the Prado museum when she was only twelve years old which made her want to be an artist. And it reaffirmed me into the nice vocation of being a galerist beacause the only contemplation of such great exhibition makes it worthy. 

The exhibition at Coruña’s MAC until the 1st of April